Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Tonight's meeting

Tonight's the night. At the meeting of the Atlanta Chapter STC tonight at Mirant a new group of officers will be introduced to members. You have probably heard, but here is the list:

  • Al Hood, Chapter President
  • Howard Speck, 1st Vice President
  • Robert Armstrong, 2nd Vice President
  • Leigh Richardson, Secretary
  • Jeff Albers, Treasurer
  • Holly Harkness, Immediate Past President

These are the officers elected to serve you from now until May 2008. I can only hope we are as successful as the previous officers.

Looking forward, there are some things I am thinking about for the coming year:

  • In case you haven't heard, the Annual STC conference will be held in Atlanta in 2009. That means we will have to have a booth at the 2008 conference in Philadelphia.
  • This past year, under Holly's tutelage, our chapter won a Chapter of Excellence award at the conference. I want to shoot for a Chapter of Distinction award.
  • For our Currents conference, we will be moving to Southern Polytechnic State University for this next year. In previous years it has been held at Mercer University's Atlanta campus. This change will be a significant challenge this year.
  • During this year there will be a significant change to the way we receive funding for our chapter operations from the Society office. This change will impact our budgeting process and we will need to adapt to this change.
  • We will need many volunteers to help this year. If you have ever thought of volunteering, there is no time like the present. We have volunteer opportunities of all shapes and sizes. I am sure there is one to fit your time budget. Please ask!
  • I am honored to take over as president from Holly. I will strive to be as good a president as she was.

I will be writing in this blog as often as my job and duties as STC Atlanta president allow. If you have an idea about a topic, please let me know.

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