Sunday, January 20, 2008

Great Meeting

If you missed the meeting on January 15th, you missed a good one. Mark Wallace presented on "How to Run a Successful DITA Pilot User Assistance Project." We had very good attendance and it was an excellent presentation. Mark made his presentation based upon a successful pilot project at IBM ISS where he works. Thanks, Mark for that informative presentation.

Now, I would like to ask all of you a few questions. And this is especially for our STC Atlanta members but, even if you aren't members, I would like you to answer. Although I may be "preaching to the choir."

Do you view blogs? Do you use RSS to do so? Do you have a blog? How many RSS feeds do you subscribe to?

We are considering a blog format for our STC Chapter newsletter. We have had problems recruiting and keeping a newsletter editor. So this is an alternative. And it would also allow multiple inputs from different members and you can comment immediately on the articles. I think it will allow a more interactive format. And we will have an RSS subscription link so you will immediately know when a new entry has been made.

What do you think about this format?

Until next time ...