Monday, May 7, 2007

Preparations for the Technical Communication Summit

It is the Monday before I am to leave to go to the conference in Minneapolis, MN on Saturday. I am really looking forward to the conference this year as it will be the first time I have attended as the incoming chapter president.

I have my airline tickets, I have registered for the conference, I have my reservations at the Hilton, and I have my rental car reserved. I leave Atlanta at 11:30 AM on Saturday. Saturday begins 5 intensive days of meetings, events, learning sessions, banquets, networking sessions, meeting new and previous acquaintances, and being very, very busy.

Holly Harkness (the outgoing STC Atlanta president) and I are holding a reception of STC Atlanta members on Sunday night between 8:30 and 10:30 PM in Holly's hotel room. We have about 30 or so members registered for the conference.

This is my first blog entry in this format. I hope to blog all through the conference. I wanted to wait until we could get the blog hosted on the STC Atlanta website, but there are a few issues with that and I don't want to wait. I hope you will come back and read this blog often. I will try to make it topical and pertinent to you as a member of STC.

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Holly said...

Welcome to the blogosphere, Al!

I'm moving my blog to Word Press and will be continuing to write about STC and tech comm on Don't Call Me Tina.

Tom Johnson has posted our interview podcast at Tech Writer Voices.