Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Meeting in September

I have wonderful news!

I have been talking with a professor from New Zealand who has been doing research on technical communications and technical communicator's tools and what it takes to be successful in the field. I wanted her to speak to our chapter about her research . And I am happy to report that she has agreed.

Her name is Alison Reynolds and she will speak to us at our September meeting which we will be rescheduling for the 4th Tuesday in the month (September 25) to accommodate her travel schedule. This is exciting. You should plan to attend for a lively and exciting discussion on technical communication tools and you! (Brian, if you are reading this, take special note!)

So come to the meeting in September, welcome Ms Reynolds, and be ready for a lively discussion.


Mike Hughes said...

I am so excited that Alison will be speaking. She will be on her way to attend the STC Academic-Industry Leaders Summit in Houston later that week, where she will chair the subcommittee on Skills and Tools. So not only will it be a good learning experience for us, it will also be an opportunity to provide input.

Al Hood said...

I am so looking forward to it. And to provided input.