Friday, July 13, 2007

Council Meeting

This past Tuesday was our monthly council meeting. We covered a lot of things relating to the upcoming month and year. We are really trying to be proactive and provide what you, the members of STC Atlanta really want to see.

We had a new volunteer: Kathleen Baine, a long-time member has agreed to serve as the New Writers SIG Manager. This is great! SPSU and Mercer have wonderful TCOM programs and are producing technical communicators for the workplace. Kathleen will work with the professors at each of these programs to provide events that will aid them as they attempt to become technical communicators in the workplace. She is planning events at least once per semester. If you see Kathleen, thank her for her help!

I was just wondering: to become a Senior STC Member, you must be a member for at least 5 consecutive years. What do you think about some sort of recognition program? Most people have no idea when they attain Senior status. I would like to thank the Senior members of our chapter by recognizing them with a Senior Member pin when they attain senior status. Would you like that? Tell me what you think. I would like to hear from you.

Howard Speck just submitted our papers to the Society that confirms our participation in this year's competitions. We will have Technical Publications, Technical Art, and Online Communications competitions this year. Make your plans now to participate. I know you have some document or online Help or drawing or something that you are proud of. Make plans to submit it to our competitions.

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Anonymous said...

I just checked this site for the first time, to see what the blog looked like. Imagine my surprise at finding out I am probably already or will soon be a "senior" STC member!