Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Today's the day! Finally!

Today, EarthLink holds meetings with all employees to announce the "restructuring" schedule. I am very glad it is happening so that all of us "EarthLinkers" will finally know if we still have a job or if we are to prepare to move on. I am assuming, since my boss told me a few weeks ago, that I am going to be leaving.

If you are using my hoodal@corp.earthlink.net email address, please change to alhood06@comcast.net. This is my home address and I will be using it until further notice. I was just thinking about the number of places where I need to update/change my email address. This is going to be fun!

More to come!


Holly said...

I've had years of not knowing whether the next layoff was going to hit me or not. In a certain way it must be a relief to finally know one way or the other.

The job market looks good and your STC contacts will come in handy.

Savita said...

I read about the layoffs on ajc.com yesterday. A lot of people I worked with at EarthLink were impacted.

I know you will land on your feet.

Al Hood said...

Yes, Holly, it is somehow a relief knowing that what was rumored for so long has finally happened. I have several possibilities for employment. And EarthLink did not leave us high and dry. I work until September 14, then I am still on the payroll until October 28. Then my severance kicks in. If I get a job, I can have two paychecks for a while!

Savita, I know that many people who were here while you were have been hit by this layoff. 900+ people! In the Muni business unit that I was in we had 150 employees. All but 30 are gone!

I've only been through one layoff before and we walked in one morning and they handed us a check for what we were owed plus two weeks severance and said, "Hit the road!" So EarthLink is doing so much better than that. And I really appreciate it!