Tuesday, August 14, 2007


As you probably know, competition time is here! I'm sure all of you have something you have worked on that you need your peers to validate as the best dang technical communications ever! Well, now is the time! Let's all enter something!

If you need information on our competitions here at Atlanta chapter STC, follow this link: http://www.stcatlanta.org/compete.htm. Michelle Schoen has put together a page that gives you everything you need to know to enter our competitions. She has a video where she explains it, she has three audio files that discusses what makes a winning entry, how to win the competitions, and how to judge in the competitions. So check it out.

Mike Hughes pointed out that the entry form (accessible from this page) says it is interactive but it isn't. I will work on making it interactive so you can fill out the form online and then print it out. If your handwriting is as bad as mine no one would be able to read it if I hand wrote it!

Until next time!

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