Friday, June 22, 2007

T-COMmons Meet & Greet

Last night was the T-COMmons Meet & Greet event at the Delkwood Grill. Lots of people I haven't seen in a while showed up! It was a fun evening with discussions ranging from SPSU to TCAB to things related to technical communications. There were several students in attendance. This was a good thing since students and the TCOM program at SPSU is the reason for these events.

I really enjoy these events. I am happy to support the technical communication program at SPSU. I thought I graduated such a long time ago (2003), but I was at a table with some who graduated from the Master's program in 1997 and earlier! It is a great program and was well worth the time and effort I expended to get my Master's. If you are thinking about the possibility of getting a Master's you need to investigate this program and what it offers for your career. It will be worth the effort.


Holly said...

Yes, that was a nice event on Thursday. My first time at a T-COMmons shingdig.

I hope our STC Happy Hours will be as successful!

Al Hood said...

So do I!!

Did you know the place where we had this event was once called "Bimbos"? An interesting fact provided by one of the females at my table. I think I like Delkwood Grill better!