Friday, June 22, 2007

Jean-luc Doumont to Speak at Currents!

We have tried very hard, especially Holly Harkness, our Immediate Past President, to secure Jean-luc as a speaker/presenter for the annual Currents conference. If you have heard Jean-luc speak at the STC International conference or elsewhere, you understand why! His talk on signs at this year's conference was one of the highlights for me. He is a dynamic speaker and will greatly add to the significance of our conference.

Thanks Holly for keeping with this effort and finally securing Jean-luc's services. I can't wait!


Al Hood said...

Not sure what this comment is all about since I don't speak Portuguese. If any of you do, please let me know what is being said.

Mike Hughes said...

"Wow, I found your blog very interesting; I liked this post. Here is a link to my blog, it is on personalized t-shirts and shows step by step how to create a well personalized t-shirt. Later."

Basically, your blog got spammed. I'm seeing this (it happened on mine the other day) more and more.

Al Hood said...

Well, thank you, Mike! Now that I know what it means, I will delete it!